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House of Hud

House of Hud is a collection of three Event Companies in the South East of England:

The Arabian Tent Company

The Pearl Tent Company

The Complete Chillout Company

The Arabian Tent Company

Springing from a love of outdoor parties, The Arabian Tent Company was founded in 2004 by Katherine Hudson. The magic of festivals and marquee parties captured Katherine's imagination, soon she was hooked and decided she had to try and put on her own event.
After searching the whole of the UK for a suitable party tent, and finding nothing but white PVC marquees, Katherine realised she'd have to try a little harder if she wanted to do something truly special. Now determined to find the perfect party marquee and with a gap in the UK market found, Katherine set off on her quest to Morocco to talk to a man about a tent...

The Moroccan tent Katherine first bought (and infamously drove back to the UK strapped to the roof of her van) may not have been anything compared with the wondrous marquee interiors The Arabian Tent Company boasts today, but it was the beginning of something new and different, and word soon spread throughout the party world and people all over the UK started to book the marquee for all sorts of festivals, parties and weddings.

The more marquee parties Katherine put on, the more her inspiration grew. Soon she decided to design her own marquee linings and collected cushions and furniture, ornaments and feathers, candles and lanterns to adorn the interiors.

This was how the Arabian Tent Company was born, how it grew, and (for the most part) how it continues to grow today.

Now with the largest collection of unique marquees in the UK, a wonderful team of creative and skilled marquee crew, drapers and event specialists and a whole lot of passion and attention to detail, The Arabian Tent Company are proud to have supplied magical marquees, cosy furniture and unique marquee props and furnishings to some of the UKs most spectacular parties and weddings for (nearly!) an entire decade.

The Pearl Tent Company

The Pearl Tent Company is owned and run by Katherine Hudson who has worked at the top of the Event Industry for over 10 years. She founded and designs for The Arabian Tent Company Ltd which is renowned for its range of highly decorative and intricate themed marquees.

With the Pearl Tent marquee interiors kept in the simple perfection of flat white, she describes the difference between the two structures; The Pearl Tents are to Architects what The Arabian Tents are to Interior Designers.

Having first encountered the beautiful Moghul tents many years ago in India - where the structures were very first manufactured - it was love at first sight! However it wasn't until several years later that Katherine met a colleague in the Event Industry who had designed and manufactured these white canvas marquees using a framework of German-made clear-span marquee technology that she invested in the tents, recognising they were far superior to anything else available that she had seen.

This juxtaposition of Eastern style and Western practicality is the essence of the Pearl Tents success - making them the choice of the top event planners - providing the atmosphere of refined elegance to an event, safe in the knowledge that this is supported by the underlying safety of the structure.

Katherine is backed up by a team of professional marquee crew who are as passionate about providing perfection in their finished product as she is. Clients regularly describe the The Pearl Tent Company team as polite, charming and a pleasure to have around which is lucky as constructing a Pearl Tent takes much longer than a standard marquee with the crew on-site for a minimum of two to three days.

Your team were so friendly and helpful in aspects not even connected to the marquee. Their knowledge about the tent was invaluable and their efficient manner and eye for detail really showed in the finished product.

The Complete Chillout Company

The Complete Chillout Company was originally founded as 'The Chillout Furniture Company' in 2009 and simply provided furniture hire for weddings and events in the UK. However the company soon grew, and with the involvement of creative and skilled venue draper, Jeremy Fifield, The Complete Chillout Company reached new heights.
Now providing unique and stunning bespoke venue decoration for clients across the South East, The Complete Chillout Company can create atmosphere and style in any party venue, with venue draping, decoration, and unique party props and wedding decor you can express yourself, whatever size or shape your venue, there are endless possibilities!
The range of unique marquee linings, handmade statement pieces, wedding furniture, draping, lighting and wedding decor services complement each other beautifully, totally transforming your venue with warmth, magic, colour and atmosphere.
Whether a small amount of decor such as draping and bunting is required, or a total venue decoration package with furniture hire, draping, lighting, party decor and accessories, Complete Chillout can help.